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Big D Daily: News for Monday, December 14, 2015

Another week of offseason moves are upon us.

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Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The second full week of the MLS offseason could easily be the more entertaining week with more drafts and trades likely to happen.

// FC Dallas //

Why snagging Urriti is a bold move for FCD | Dallas Morning News

Just like with a lot of Fernando Clavijo's moves over the last couple of years, adding Maxi Urriti is a risk but one that has great potential to bring a lot of rewards.

Clavijo: We've been watching Urriti for a while |

It is no secret that FCD loves some South American flare and a guy like Urriti makes loads of sense.

// MLS //

24 hours behind the scenes at MLS Cup |

Nothing like a lot of photos and some good in-depth looks at what goes on at a MLS Cup to start your Monday off with.

NYCFC wins friendly in Puerto Rico | Hudson River Blues

It always makes me laugh when some clubs in MLS decide to do friendlies after the playoffs are over. NYCFC is looking to spread their brand where ever they can I suppose.

Jones gets six game suspension | The Bent Musket

Remember when Jermaine Jones went crazy in the playoffs? Well, that will now cost him six games if he ends up going back to another MLS side.

Union chief sees new TAM as counterproductive |

Basically the players union is happy that the league is spending millions more on players but they aren't thrilled with how it is set up. It does sort of set up a massive division between the top paid players and those in the middle of the road.

So about all that new TAM | Sounder at Heart

Speaking of the new TAM, it appears that one club has already spent up the majority of their money. Whoops.

Moor set to sign with TFC | Burgundy Wave

As much as I wanted to see Moor back in Dallas, I'm at least a bit relieved to see him go to someone outside of the Western Conference.

Why one Crew fan flipped the bird on national TV | Telegraph

Everyone has likely seen the Vine of the girl in Columbus flipping off the TV when Don Garber thanks the fans following MLS Cup. Now she tells us why as someone helps her extend her three seconds of fame.

Vieria weighing Man City youth loans |

Ah, now that NYCFC has a new boss, he has the tricky loan waters to navigate with his parent club in England.