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Trade talk: Dan Kennedy likely on his way back to LA

Sunshine Dan is reported to go home again.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After Jesse Gonzalez took over in goal for FC Dallas in the late part of the summer, many began to wonder what that would mean for the two veteran keepers on the roster in Dan Kennedy and Chris Seitz. It appears that one of them has become trade bait.

The LA Times are reporting that FCD and the LA Galaxy will soon announce a deal that sends Kennedy back to Los Angeles. This bit of news is buried deep in this article but if it helps to know this is something that has been in the rumor pipeline for over a month now, if not longer.

It is likely that FCD will pick up allocation money in return for Kennedy.

Kennedy was one of the more pricy keepers in the league, earning $233,000. Only six other keepers earned more based on the Player's Union salary figures in 2015.

Kennedy spent most of his career in LA with former MLS club Chivas USA. He was picked up in last year's Dispersal Draft. Kennedy had a rough start to his Dallas tenure as he dealt with back injuries. He would eventually find his way into the starting lineup where he was for 16 games this year.