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Vote for the 2015 FCD Goal of the Year: Round 8

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Not gonna lie here, any goal that's up against that Kellyn Acosta strike is going to be really unfair. Thankfully he got paired with a beautiful, beautiful goal from David Texeira against Houston again. A wonderful run from Texeira, along with an equally sumptuous pass from Michael Barrios. But the more you watch these and the more you wonder, "Man, wish Tex could deliver these just a bit more consistently..."


I love the angle the camera crew was able to get for the Kellyn Acosta screamer. Plenty of power and just the right amount of bend on it to freeze the keeper and tuck right inside the goal. Acosta's game isn't lacking much these days, especially if he can deliver 1-3 of these per season.


This is a tough one, putting a derby goal against a homegrown goal at home in front of the Beer Garden. Have your say below and enjoy savoring these delicious strikes.