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FC Dallas trades up to the top spot in the 2015 Re-Entry Draft

Sounds like FCD will be active today.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The first round of the 2015 Re-Entry Draft is scheduled for 2pm today. Generally in the past FC Dallas has been quiet during that stage of the draft but it appears they won't be this year. FC Dallas has announced that they have acquired the top spot in the first stage from the Chicago Fire.

FC Dallas sent general allocation money in return for the top spot. Chicago moved down to number 17, where Dallas once sat.

Based on the way this is all worded, Dallas will not be selecting first next week in stage two. But I am awaiting confirmation on that item.

The big question will be who is FCD goes after in the first stage? We offered up a few suggestions here yesterday. Obviously Fernando Clavijo and Oscar Pareja have their sights set on someone. My gut tells me they go after someone like a Gabriel Torres or a Maximiliano Urruti with this pick but we'll have to wait and see.