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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time to make some moves in the offseason right?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The first couple days of the offseason have been entertaining to say the least in MLS.

// FC Dallas //

Three players worth looking at in free agency | Big D Soccer

A bit of a last call on this one as we took a look at a couple veteran players that might be worth brining back to Dallas.

// MLS //

Why MLS is setting up money for the middle of the roster |

Yesterday's news of the new investments in TAM and HGP money is a big deal. It sets aside money for more players right below the DP threshold and helps ensure HGPs are able to earn solid money as well.

Digesting Crew SC's MLS Cup from afar | Massive Report

As one might imagine, the sting of losing MLS Cup is still hurting pretty bad for fans of the Crew. FCD fans know that it is a slow burn that never quite heals.

Latest on Vela, Castillo and VIllafana in MLS |

SI checks in with a few rumors including one on Fabian Castillo. We all know $5 million isn't going to be enough to get anything done this offseason. Still there are plenty of other good nuggets in this one (though apologizes for the crappy website that is these days).

What 2016 will bring to MLS |

Lots of thoughts in this one that looks towards the future here. From expansion to TAM to wondering whether or not Portland can repeat (they won't), and finally to looking at whether or not the big boys will retool enough.

What 28 teams will do to the league's schedule | Black and Red United

Here is a good look at how the schedule will take a hit when MLS moves to 28 clubs. I have to agree that divisions make the most sense in this situation. That will help relieve some impact on traveling costs and add to rivalries, which we know MLS loves.