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Vote for the 2015 FCD Goal of the Year: Round 6

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

So Round 6 takes us into a bit of uncharted territory at the moment in regards of how you'll judge the goal. Many of you have chosen goals based purely on the goal scorer themselves, as you rightly should. Others have opted to count the pass and the build up that leads to the goal, which is also legitimate. It is both the beauty and the frustration when it comes to things that are subjective.

So up first we have Fabi doing the most Fabi of things, weaving and twisting through the Colorado defense to set up a relatively easy goal for Mauro Diaz. I've probably watched this 100 times by now and I'm still mesmerized by what Castillo does here.


Unsurprisingly it's Mauro Diaz pulling the strings here and then there's Donovan Ricketts doing Donovan Ricketts things for this Michael Barrios goal. You marvel at that pass from Mauor, but you also can't help but lolz at whatever Ricketts was doing.


So have at it. Who had the better goal here? Did Diaz thanks to the wonders that is Fabian Castillo or was it Michael Barrios courtesy of a Donovan Ricketts move?