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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Oh hey, a new month.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Another page on the calendar flips over as the offseason begins.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja still committed to youth over experience despite playoff exit | Dallas Morning News

I don't think we'll see Oscar Pareja go away from his youth approach here with this club. Sure, there will be rocky spots with how young players react to situations but overall it will be better for the long run.

FCD has plenty to be proud of this season | Dallas Soccer News

The silver linings are all around this club right now. A great regular season that was an inch or two away from a Supporters' Shield. A deeper playoff run than anyone would have imagined.

FCD credits whole team for Best XI winners |

Getting two players on the league's Best XI for a season is no easy task but when you have a team like FCD, it was bound to happen once people started to take notice of this group.

2015 was a success |

Yep. So much to be thankful for with this club.

// MLS //

MLS Cup sold out within hours |

Some don't like the higher seed hosting a MLS Cup but you have to like hearing that this sucker got sold out very quickly for this weekend.

FCD and NY will come back stronger |

Good piece here on how this one writer expects FCD to bounce back from this playoff exit next year.

MLS's most tortured club sees dramatic exit | FC Yahoo

Just so you know, this isn't about FCD.

Beckham continues to look for stadium options | NBC Miami

Just when David Beckham and his ownership group get close to a stadium deal, something happens and everything falls apart. I think it is high time the league puts in Sacramento over Miami.

It is time for Beckham to deliver Miami | Fox Sports

What is more interesting here is that we're zeroing in on the two year mark from when Beckham announced that he wanted a team in Miami.

Chinese invest $400m in City Football Group |

So NYCFC's owners aren't just oil rich, they're now China rich. Maybe they should build a stadium in the heart of Chinatown.