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The final curtain falls on FC Dallas' 2015 season

A packed house on a rainy day in Frisco, the Portland Timbers came to town.

The day was finally here, and it was a crazy cold one. It had been raining the past few days and the sun hadn't made an appearance for a good while. Portland fans were out in force, but I didn't know they were there until halftime honestly. They were so quiet. It looked like it could rain any moment, and the wind definitely wasn't helping any. What really wasn't helping though were the new security measures put in place due to the attacks in Paris. The thing that really put a cherry on top though, was that the weather, the wait, and the rain all was the perfect setting for complete and utter disappointment.

Lines, Lines, and Lines

Wish I could say part of the blame lies on us for getting there right as the match starts, but who wants to walk around the cold stadium for 30 minutes? Even then, the lines were so long that it took us nearly 45 minutes to get through it as we were trying to get through the north side entrance that curved out east. It was a sight I could not believe at first, a line bonanza outside of the stadium. Surely the sold out stadium lines would move fast right?

Not even close to moving fast. 45 minutes in that line. Thought it was just due to the capacity crowd that FC Dallas knew they were going to get based on their ticket sales data, but come to find out it was the new security measures that were put in place. Now that's understandable to have that, but when you're expecting 21,000 people and all you can manage are 8 metal detectors and a handful of staff.... That's on the FO. I received an email today owning up to making me miss 30 minutes of the game. No goals were in the first half, but I think the team could've used all the fans that were standing outside to cheer them on.

Came Away With Nothing

Not sure which is was, but that first half was completely wasted. I only saw the final 15 minutes of it, but other than the Tex chance there was nothing doing. There was no kind of rush to get forward, almost like we were taking it easy. It wasn't until Tesho Akindele and Blas Perez were introduced that we really got onto the front foot. Perez injected life into this team, and I felt like he should've started from the very beginning.

It's so frustrating to come away empty handed at the end of such a good season. Tying on point for the Supporters Shield, losing to a team that we could and should have beaten in the conference finals, and not even getting Coach of the Year or Defender of the Year. All we got out of this was a CCL spot and 2 players on the best XI. Sorry if I sound ungrateful, because in all honesty we had an awesome year relatively, but we came away with absolutely nothing. This season won't fill our trophy cabinets, but it'll give us hope about the solid foundation built here in Frisco.

My most exciting player to watch this match has to go to Mauro Diaz this time. Blas was definitely a close second though with his injection. But Mauro Diaz gave us good distribution to play off of, and his pass to Ryan Hollingshead wasn't the only pass he picked out on the night. He was jumping with everyone else in the box trying to make contact with the ball, putting in a good shift on the transition from defense to attack. Really hope our version of Messi stays with us.

Finally, your final fan quote of the season: "Good thing it's raining, it'll mask the tears."

Anyone else waited out in the freezing lines? How long were you waiting? It was a fun season everyone, anyone else sad to see it be over? Who else thought the team really looked gassed out there for this one? Let me know in the comments below!