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Big D Daily: News for Friday, November 6, 2015

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The weekend is almost here.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This week has dragged on long enough but the time is almost here for FC Dallas to take on Seattle again.

// FC Dallas //

Looking back at the last second leg hosted at Toyota Stadium |

Has it really been this long since FCD was a higher seed? Almost 10 years seems crazy to me but I'm sure for some of you it feels like yesterday.

FCD feel like they are in the drivers seat |

There may be a goal differential to make up here on Sunday but we've been saying all week how FCD should feel confident in this game.

10 things to know about Gonzalez |

I've also been saying these last few weeks that folks are really starting to take notice of Jesse Gonzalez in goal for FCD. Here are some fun facts about our young keeper.

Windows of opportunity opening and closer in Seattle-Dallas series |

One team is older and possibly wiser in this series while the other is young and probably naive. You can lean on both only so much but at some point the key players have to step up and take charge for either side.

// MLS //

Miami's stadium deal in serious jeopardy | Miami Herald

Where have we seen this before? Seriously? Just when it seems like David Beckham and his group are getting closer and closer, something like this pops up. Not good.

Dynamo possibly shopping Davis now? | Dynamo Theory

Wow, first Erick Torres, now Brad Davis? I'd love to see what SKC is looking to send in return for the veteran. Seems kind of wild to think that the Dynamo would let one of their key cornerstone players go like this.

Populous architect gives preview of what is to come | Black and Red United

With some new teams coming into the fold down the line and DCU getting a new stadium, some folks are talking what those venues could be like.

Morris will sign with the Sounders, eventually | Sounder at Heart

The famed Jordan Morris is doing what I sometimes wish I could be doing right now, enjoying college.

Nagbe could be called up by the USMNT | Stumptown Footy

About damn time. I haven't been excited by a player call up in a while but seeing that Darlington Nagbe could be apart of this next World Cup cycle makes me hopeful for the future here.