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View From the East: Chin Up!

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Everyone is gloomy about the result in Seattle last night, but I ain't!

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There was a sense from the Dallas faithful that this time it would be different. Unfortunately earlier in the day though, another Seattle team already had me aggravated and depressed at the same time. But changing the channel to turn on Fox Sports 1, sit down with our tons of left over Halloween candy, and watch FC Dallas actually do something in the post season like they did in 2010 gave me renewed hope for Dallas vs Seattle. Any kind of result that kept it close would have been considered a good result before this game, and I believe we played well enough in Seattle to give hope to our return leg chances.

We Got the Away Goal!

The energy that was conjured up inside me the moment Castillo poked the ball in past Frei was hard to contain. That magical away goal that was our undoing last season was now ours! It was right after a nice play by our defense to have Dempsey crying in our foul box for a penalty, which the internet got enraged at. In fact, there were a few penalty shouts from the Seattle fans but thankfully none were called.

C'mon D

Defense was nervy, in my opinion, throughout the second half. It was nerves, and edge of your seat attention every time Seattle took the ball and started heading to our goal. And such a sigh of relief when it was finally cleared. Between this game and the Cowboys game, I really believe I've grown a few grey hairs.

We have an awesome chance at home I believe. We need to show up big this Sunday, in numbers, and cheer on our valiant team! We can overcome this deficit, our play in Seattle further convinced me of our chances in this tie. Our defense will be tighter, our attack more lethal. Just chin up everyone, we can beat Seattle.

My most exciting player of the night might have to be Castillo for the constant threat he was. He was definitely playing like our star player, and punished the defense on one of his chances on the night. Although the attack was a little wasteful unfortunately.

Let me know what you thought of the first leg! Was it disastrous? Borderline disastrous? Who all is going to the return leg in Frisco this weekend? Any takes on our chances? Let me know in the comments below!