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Big D Daily: News for Monday, November 30, 2015

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, the season was certainly fun while it lasted.

// FC Dallas //

FCD runs out of magic in final moments | Dallas Morning News

At one point it seemed like things were turning into FCD's favor last night. But in a blink of an eye, it turned back to Portland.

Long lines into stadium add to fan's misery | Dallas Morning News

I didn't have to deal with the lines but I know a lot of you who did. Not the best of showings for the stadium security staff on the club's biggest day of the year.

The final word from FCD-POR |

Lots of comments from players and coaches in this one as we look to begin the season recaps here.

FCD celebrate never say die mentality in landmark season |

You still have to hang your hats on the 60 points season. There were plenty of magical moments in this year.

FCD pleased with Zimmerman's play in second leg |

The one big change Oscar Pareja had on Sunday was Walker Zimmerman over the veteran Zach Loyd. Some questioned it. Some hated it. But overall it worked out fairly well outside of the one Fanendo Adi goal, which Zimmerman was totally screwed over in.

Timbers survive FCD comeback |

There may have been some blown calls and some bad bounces but Portland was largely the better team on the night.

The Timbers advance to a MLS Cup | Stumptown Footy

Our friends over at the Portland SBN blog break down how the Timbers advanced last night.

Timbers reward Porter's faith |

One of the few highlights of my night was seeing Timbers' owner Merrit Paulson in the press area, sitting alone like a little kid who lost his puppy. But yeah, here is more on them.

// MLS //

How the Crew and Timbers reached MLS Cup |

I have to say, a Columbus-Portland final almost feels like that Salt Lake-Kansas City final from a few years ago. Smaller market teams getting it done.

MLS Best XI features 10 first-time winners |

One cool aspect of last night was seeing Matt Hedges and Fabian Castillo on this year's Best XI. What was even more fun was asking Hedges about it last night only to hear him say that it was news to him that he made the roster. ha!

Neagle heading to DCU? | Black and Red United

This little rumor came out over the holiday break but it is worth mentioning as the offseason begins for everyone but Portland and Columbus.

Sacramento releases preliminary sheet for MLS Stadium |

This is a pretty decent sized stadium for a MLS team. I have a feeling we'll know more in the next couple of days about when they'll be joining MLS too.

Pro/Rel is becoming less of a taboo topic |

Ugh. I've grown more and more tied to this debate.