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Even PRO agreed that there was a handball on Tyrone Mears

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Yep, that stings a little.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We all know there was a big hand ball missed during Sunday's game between FC Dallas and the Seattle Sounders that could have drastically changed how the series would have gone.

In the 57th minute, with the lead still at 1-0, Fabian Castillo fired a shot on goal that would hit off Tyrone Mears arm.

There is really no debate in my head as this was indeed a handball on Mears.

Some folks on Twitter immediately asked if it were a handball. Now we even know how the league's officials feel about the non-call as their Twitter handle voted in a survey conducted by Ben Jata that it was indeed a handball.

Yeah, that stings quite a bit.

As we all know Seattle would go on to grab two late goals after this place, taking a 2-1 on aggregate series lead. The second leg of the series will resume on Sunday in Frisco.