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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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Coaching changes are all the buzz right now.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

While the MLS playoffs are getting hotter by the day, news from around the league may be taking the headlines.

// FC Dallas //

Home sweet home |

We know the talk, and it won't change all week long as FCD preps for Seattle to come to town this week.

How FCD can advance on Sunday |

Need a refresher on how FCD can still advance? Here is a handy little guide.

// MLS //

Kreis let go from his duties in NY |

Only one year in charge for Jason Kreis in NYC. The explanation in the press release was comical too. Where was Claudio Reyna in all of this too? He doesn't even get a mention.

Who replaces Kreis in NY? | Hudson River Blue

Boy, who ever does get this gig has their work cut out for them. Not only do you have to deal with unreasonable expectations from the ownership, but you get aging DPs, a roster filled with issues and you play in a baseball stadium. Have fun with that.

NYCFC is short-sided in firing Kreis | Yahoo

Instant success in MLS doesn't always mean wins on the field too.

NYCFC make Kreis the fall guy |


How leg two opponents stack up against one another |

Seattle has had some success here over the years but the last couple of visits have been shutouts by FCD.

Red Bulls shredding old labels with playoff run |

This isn't your parent's Red Bulls or Metros. The cheaper lineup than in years past show that those in charge actually did something right for a change with that club.

Gerrard's next season may be his last |

After the way things ended this year, I kind of wondered if the end was truly near.

Why an MLS team creating a troll list is never a good thing | The Goat Parade

LAFC's social media game has been interesting since day one, I will say that much.