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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: By The Numbers

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Ryan Hollingshead with some surprising numbers from last Sunday's match.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

1 - Dallas secured the ever so important away goal

7 - Seattle's 7 shots on target was the third most that Jesse Gonzalez has faced in his young career

63 - Dallas won 63 duels against the Sounders' 59

1 - Fabian Castillo's goal was his first ever goal against Seattle

11 - That assist on Castillo's goal gives Mauro Diaz 11 assists in all competitions this year.

4 - With that assist, Diaz has either scored and/or assisted on a goal in four straight matches for FCD

0 - Not sure how this was possible, but in 19 minutes+ of action, Tesho Akindele attempted zero passes

11 - Ryan Hollingshead tied the 2015 team record with 11 interceptions in a single game (Matt Hedges did it on 7/11 against Orlando.)

7 - Hollingshead also had a team high and set a new team record for 2015 with 7 tackles