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Big D Daily: News for Friday, November 27, 2015

The next game is almost here!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It is Friday, which means we're only a day or so away from the next FC Dallas game.

// FC Dallas //

FCD's best are invisible to the masses | Dallas Morning News

The life of a professional soccer player in the US I suppose. Only the biggest of names in this league really are going to get recognized on the streets.

FCD trains through Thanksgiving |

While everyone had a day off for Thanksgiving, FCD was training hard for this Sunday's game.

What would Ulloa do for a Chipotle card? |

Ah, the young guys and their burritos.

Can FCD turn it around against Portland? |

The task is certainly a tall one but I got a pretty good feeling about how things will go on Sunday.

FCD confident despite deficit |

The young guys are confident. So should all of us.

// MLS //

Portland is trying not to get ahead of themselves | Stumptown Footy

Every one is saying that Portland should end up in MLS Cup after last weekend but at least their fans know that they still have some work to do here.

Borchers and Ridgewell lead the Timbers defense |

The big beard and the dude with all the tattoos. Such a Portland combination at center back.

Chicago checks off the right boxes in coaching hire | Hot Time In Old Town

I think anyone new in Chicago is going to make that fan base feel better about things.

Drogba thinks MLS is harder in some ways than the EPL |

Ha, the more guys like this say that MLS is harder, the more I laugh at some of the Euro snobs out there.

Is Romney the next big center back for LA? |

Once again the Galaxy are able to dip into their reserve side in the USL for their benefit. What would be if FCD had the same system in place.