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What are you thankful for this year?

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I hope you are your family are enjoying a nice holiday today and that you're getting the chance to relax today before gearing up for this weekends' FC Dallas game against the Portland Timbers.

I wanted to take a brief moment to do two things. One, I want to thank all of you all for coming to this blog each and every day. Thank you for your comments, your rants, your passion. You all have truly made Big D Soccer into what it is today and me and the rest of the crew here couldn't be more pleased with the way things are going.

Secondly, I'd like to open the floor up to you all to see what you are thankful for on this Thanksgiving day. What things are you thankful for with FC Dallas, Major League Soccer, US Soccer and just the game in general. Sound off below in the comments section when you are between turkey legs, beers and whatever else you got going on today.