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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Time to get over the loss on Sunday.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We inch closer towards a holiday and another game this weekend.

// FC Dallas //

The rewind of Portland and Dallas |

Now that everyone is back in town, the FCD digital crew take one final look at Sunday's game.

Portland in charge against Dallas |

Yeah, for now they are. Hopefully the tide can shift back to the good guys this weekend.

// MLS //

Interesting stats from the first leg of the conference finals |

That Fabian Castillo stat at the bottom. Daaaang. That is some deep stat hunting right there. Basically, we need Fabian to dribble a lot more on Sunday.

How do MLS financial bonuses work? |

This is fascinating stuff for those that always want to talk salaries and what not with MLS. Some of this may really help show what players actually make compared to what the Players' Union reveals each time.

Remaining clubs seeing big boost with playoff run | Sports Business Journal

Extra games, more eyeballs on the teams, intense games all make for good business. The four conference finalists are finding out just what it means to get this far into the post season.

Charlie Horton set to sign with MLS |

The Leeds United youngster is returning to the states to deal with some family issues and to sign with MLS. I would imagine he'll end up somewhere in the Eastern Conference given his Ohio ties.

Crew ascend to become frontrunner for MLS Cup | Massive Report

I'm sure Portland fans would argue that headline but given that if the current state of things remains true after this Sunday, Columbus would host the Timbers.

Dissecting previous expansion drafts | Dirty South Soccer

How well have teams done in previous expansion drafts? Our Atlanta friends take a look at this as they wait to see what is going to happen with that draft. There are some interesting figures around this one with how teams either kept players or immediately traded them away for other stuff.

Sporting to rename park after children's hospital |

You have to give the Sporting KC owners some serious credit here for going out of their way to get the naming rights of their stadium to a local charity. Not many would do such a thing.

English side eyeing Vermes | KC Star

Speaking of Sporting KC, their head coach is starting to get some attention overseas. I really hope he lasts in MLS a couple more years and eventually takes over the national team job from Jurgen. Yep, I said it.