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View From the East: Sad Day

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A cold night in DFW made it a perfect night to stay in and watch the game in front of the tubes.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

There was an air of hope, albeit a cold air of hope. Fox Sports 1 was the channel to be on, despite flipping over the watch the Mavs during halftime. It was a tough soccer game to watch overall, especially when you have to hear Alexi Lalas and that hint of bias still in his voice. Although, his bias was much better this time relatively. Seeing the stadium and the atmosphere in Portland had me worried, their crowd was awesome. I started having a bad feeling about this sitting in my living room...

Come On Guys

Seriously, set pieces? Before the first goal, commentators curse, they were talking about how Portland has rarely scored on set pieces. Then of course they score on it with our guys switching off and letting Liam Ridgewell get free for an easy tap in. It was the big stage and we just let it go to crap. Awful freaking goal to concede. I was livid, livid enough to change the channel for a few seconds to the Mavs-OKC match. Couldn't bear to look at the men in red for a small while.

Our flanks were on total lock down. We weren't facing the old legs of Seattle this time around. Michael Barrios, Fabian Castillo, and Je-Vaughn Watson all couldn't do much on the flanks this game and it was getting frustrating. It was like we had nothing going through the middle and it was down to Diego Chara just beating us up all night. Feel like there should be a drinking game on how many times we turned the ball over because of or to him.

Small Glimmer of Hope

David Texiera can be very frustrating, trust me, most of my ire was on him till he was subbed out. It would've been 1-1 going into the half if he didn't try a heel flick into the net! Come on man! Give it to him though, our only goal of the night was a nice one and one we needed badly for this two legged series. But that last goal hurt my heart to see it roll into the net. That 2-1 scoreline looked so familiar, looked like something we could take back home and know how to deal with. Now, not so much, 3-1 is a mountain and I'm hoping to see us come out gunning on Sunday. Let's go FC Dallas!

One last thing that I was yelling all night. WHERE WERE THE CARDS?!?!

My most exciting player of the night to watch was Mauro Diaz. He didn't look very enthused at time, but he had his moments of absolute inspiration and passes picked. If Barrios had held his run for just a second later he would've been in to make it 2-2 on a Diaz pass. Although the whole team looked fairly bad overall.

Our quote of the day comes from Drew: "Set piece defending at its' worse." You said it Drew.

What did you guys think of the game, garbage or trash? Who all has hope, who has their chins up after this night? Who was your most exciting player to watch? Let me know in the comments below!