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Club America joins the Fabian Castillo rumor mill

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FC Dallas is going to hold on as long as they can here.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We know the rumor mill surrounding FC Dallas midfielder Fabian Castillo is going to continue to be a wild one that will rival that of when Brek Shea was being sold from the club. Today there is a new report from that suggests Liga MX side Club America is now joining the race to get the All-Star winger.

The short end of the article says that Club America is looking to pay $7.5 million for Castillo ahead of the 2016 Clausura campaign.

Castillo has already been involved in rumors since earning his first call-ups from Colombia earlier this fall.

What do we make of this new rumor? Just like may of them that will come, we're taking them with a grain of salt. I've spoken with a couple sources with the club that have indicated that they don't see the club selling Castillo after this season, and definitely not for anything under $10 million.

What do you all make of this news? Think Castillo would want the jump to Liga MX? Would he even be a good fit with Club America?