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Big D Daily: News for Friday, November 20, 2015

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The weekend is finally here!

We are finally about to get back into some soccer here as FCD is in Portland this weekend.

// FC Dallas //

FCD's academy could revolutionize MLS | The Guardian

Plenty of good stuff in this piece if you haven't already read it yet. We know what the academy system is doing for FCD as it has produced several good players for their current team. I still think the rest of the league has a long way to go to get to FCD's status in this department.

What FCD learned from West Ham | Dallas Morning News

We have a fairly in-depth look at Clark Hunt this morning as we see how a trip to London back in his college days may have helped shape what FC Dallas is doing these days with their academy.

Keys to the match |

Ah, it is nearly match day which means we get some keys to the match from the FCD Digital guys.

No love loss between Portland and Dallas |

Between two fairly different results, tissues and drama, these two sides definitely will have some intensity come into play in this series.

Positional breakdown between Dallas and Portland |

Basically, they're saying it is a total toss-up.

Computer simulation sees FCD win Cup | CBS Sports

Take it with a grain of salt but at least some computer games have us winning out here in the playoffs.

// MLS //

Filling in the gaps for Valeri and Wallace | Stumptown Footy

Portland is going to be lacking two key players on Sunday in their midfield. Lets hope Oscar Pareja can FCD can find ways to expose that.

Kljestan is key for New York | Once a Metro

I've been a big fan of what New York has done with their midfield this year and a lot has to do with Sasha Kljestan (and Dax McCarty).

Refreshed Crew look to take on New York | Massive Report

Part of me is quietly going to be rooting for Columbus in this series. If they fail to get off to a good start this weekend, then MLS Cup will most likely be in the Big Apple.

Garber takes shots at pro/rel talk | Twice a Cosmo

Ha, I love that Don Garber was honest and real at BlazerCon last week with his comments. To me, I don't see this as a total cheap shot to the NPSL side in Tennessee like this article suggests but then again I also feel strongly about the whole pro/rel debate.