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Big D Daily: News for Monday, November 2, 2015

Well that sucked last night.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, that wasn't the way we wanted things to go last night in Seattle.

// FC Dallas //

FCD confident they can win series back at home | Dallas Morning News

FCD is the best team at home in MLS this year, so anything is still possible. A 1-0 win would kind of be karma for last year as FCD would win on away goals.

Pareja stews over incorrect calls in loss |

At the end of the match we saw Oscar Pareja discuss a lot of things with the officials, but from the sound of things it was all over the foul on Matt Hedges that set up the game-winning free kick by Clint Dempsey.

Confident Dempsey proves to be the solution for Seattle |

FCD did a good enough job containing him for the majority of the match. That free kick was a ridiculous strike though. Not many keepers are saving that.

Dempsey the hero | Sounder at Heart

From the Seattle side of things, our pals at SaH give us their take on last night's game.

Sounders rally to take series advantage |

One more recap to get the morning started off.

// MLS //

Home teams show well in first legs |

I will say this, yesterday as a ton of fun with four games in back-to-back-to-back-to-back form. I could get used to having that each weekend moving forward.

New York picks up big road win | Once a Metro

The only road team to have success yesterday (well Vancouver did get a draw in Portland), was New York in their 1-0 win over DCU. Sure, they got some help from the officials on a bad foul that should have easily been a red card moments before Dax McCarty scored.

Timbers can't break down Whitecaps | Stumptown Footy

A lot of back and forth play in this one but neither team gave an inch in this one. Portland did look like a team that had played three games this week though.

Crew fall short in first leg | Massive Report

Montreal has been so good at home as of late, I wasn't too shocked by this result.

Conference semifinals in the balance |

Anything is still possible this Sunday in these four series. The only one that seems pretty certain to end where it is at right now is the NY-DCU series.

Drogba clutches keeper's leg in odd sequence |

This was by far the wildest thing we saw yesterday.

Is this DCU's new logo? | Black and Red United

I don't get why they would change their logo right now.