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Big D Daily: News for Monday, November 16, 2015

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Who is ready for some soccer this weekend?

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about any of you but the lack of playoff games this past weekend was kind of a drag.

// FC Dallas //

Enjoy this kid watching Tesho score |

This is a couple days old but if you're like me and you're having a difficult time on a Monday morning, this should help put a smile on your face.

// MLS //

What makes Beckerman tick |

This longform piece came out on Friday and if you haven't caught it yet, do yourself a favor and read up on Kyle Beckerman.

Biello named head coach in Montreal | Mount Royal Soccer

From interim to permanent, that is what is happening to Mark Biello after an impressive finish to the 2015 season that just missed out on going to the conference finals. Now if only the Impact would figure out a way to be patient with him and not give up on him at this point next year.

Sigi to return in 2016 | Sounder at Heart

Another coaching news that came out on Friday, this one with Sigi Schmid who got the vote of confidence for another season in charge.

Olic considering move to MLS |

A 36 year old European? Pass.

Beckham inches closer to a stadium deal | Miami Herald

It seems like a slow game of cat and mouse here with David Beckham and the folks in Miami. One day they are good and ready to go, the next they're not. Not it appears they're close to being good again.

// USMNT //

US lives up to potential in first qualifying game |

A 6-1 beating at home always looks good on paper but I still hate seeing this group give up goals to teams like that so early in games.

All is quiet before trip to T&T |

I never would have thought that a trip to Trinidad would become so big for the USMNT but here we are with this game.

US U23s dominated in Brazil | Stars and Stripes FC

Ouch, 5-1? That is not a way to get ready for a big playoff game with Colombia.