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MLS releases offseason calendar

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Here are some key dates to keep in mind after MLS Cup.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

While the finale to the 2015 season is still a couple weeks away for Major League Soccer, the league revealed some key dates and information for the offseason.

Here are the highlights of each date on the calendar:

Free Agency begins: The first big date is the mark of the league's attempt into free agency on December 7. Free agency is limited to players 28 or older with eight years of league service who are out of contract or have not had their options exercised. The list of eligible free agents will also be released that day.

Waiver Draft: December 8 will mark the day when players will be made available for the Waiver Draft. Eligible players that are not free agents or eligible for the re-entry draft will be revealed in a list for this draft. Additionally, free agents may engage in negotiations with MLS clubs. The Waiver Draft itself will be on December 9.

Re-Entry Draft, Stage 1: On December 10, clubs will no longer be able to trade re-entry draft eligible players (in preparation for stage one of draft). December 11 will be Stage One of the ReD. Players selected during this stage would have to be at their contract option price or a CBA-enforced salary increase. Players may also choose not to participate in this or the next stage.

Re-Entry Draft, Stage 2: On December 16, clubs will no longer be able to trade re-entry draft eligible players (in preparation for stage two of draft). December 17 is Stage Two of the ReD. Contracts can also be re-negotiated.

MLS Combine: January 7-12

MLS SuperDraft: January 14

Training Camp begins: January 22