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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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The week rolls on as FCD begins prep for Portland.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're a week and a half our of our next match here as FC Dallas prepares for Portland.

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Loyd sees similarities to 2010 squad | Dallas Morning News

Zach Loyd was a young MLS pup back in 2010 but he has told me a few times this season how special this group is and how much it mirrors that 2010 squad. Lets just hope the end result is a tad different.

FCD excited to prove critics wrong |

The longer the march towards a MLS Cup continues for FCD, the more respect this team will earn. If I'm Oscar Pareja, I continue to hype up that underdog role as much as possible.

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Larin wins ROY by a landslide |

I don't recall an award that had that big of a disparity in the voting as this year's rookie race. Cyle Larin was the easy choice in voting, I know I had a much more difficult time finding a number two person to place on my ballot.

A talk with Vieria | Hudson River Blue

The new man on the scene in MLS got a sit down with one of our partners here on the SBN network.

Bocanegra discusses youth academy with Atlanta | Dirty South Soccer

I still have to tip my hat to Atlanta for getting their youth system started well before their senior team even takes the field in MLS.

Does the playoff break curb momentum? |

I can see how it could for all four clubs remaining but at least everyone gets a clean slate in some ways to start off with in terms of momentum come next weekend.

Position-by-position rankings in MLS for 2015 |

Plenty of discussion here from this. You get to see the top ten players in each position from around the league. FCD got one player in the overall Best XI for this rankings and a couple guys that just missed out.

NASL confirm expansion in OKC | Twice a Cosmo

This one still makes me scratch my head and shrug my shoulders. RayoOKC folks. Yeah. If that isn't enough, the new team will play in 2016 and will play well outside the OKC metro. Good luck with that.