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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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Anyone fully recovered from Sunday yet?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you all but I still need a day or so to fully recover here.

// FC Dallas //

FCD breaks ground of fourth community field |

In some non-playoff news, FCD is back at it in the community with their outreach projects. Good to see things like this popping up around the metroplex.

FCD's latest homegrown hero |

The Extratime radio crew spends a little time discussing the heroics of Jesse Gonzalez.

Moreno: Expect FCD to make the final |

Thanks for the vote of confidence Alejandro Moreno!

// MLS //

Who has the edge in the conference finals |

Here is a quick look at how the four teams stack up against one another this season. Lets just say that our series with Portland, we don't need to go back to either regular season game for too much material. Both teams have changed a good deal since their last meeting.

Getting to know the conference finals |

Another preview of the next round here as we dive into more of why Oscar Pareja is awesome.

Balanced rosters out shine the big DP stars in playoffs |

After the league spent most of the year attracting big names from Europe, the final four teams in the playoffs are the more balanced teams that don't have as many big names. Only two players left in the playoffs rake in over $1 million per year according to their salary figures.

Three questions from Portland's win over Vancouver | Stumptown Footy

If you want to go ahead and study up on the Timbers, here is your chance.

Patrick Vieria to manage NYCFC | Hudson River Blue

After the wild conference semifinals, the news broke yesterday morning that NYCFC was indeed making the switch to Vieria. I still hope he knows what he is getting into. Also, does anyone actually believe he'll last three years in MLS?

Why people need to stop ignoring transfer fees in roster spending | Black and Red United

Here is a pretty compelling argument to the whole NY and FCD having the lowest payroll in the league thing. Very fascinating.

Sounders expect changes this offseason | Sounder at Heart

My gut is telling me that Sigi is going to resign, Kreis will take over and the roster will get a bit of an overhaul.

Youth soccer now placing bans on heading |

I totally get why this is happening, with all the concussions going around in the game these days. But part of me feels bad for little kids under 10 that won't get to head the ball in a game. Kids will have to practice those headers on their own I suppose.