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Workhorse of the Week vs Vancouver Whitecaps

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It's a doubleheader! After last night's midweek game against Vancouver, FC Dallas came away with a workhorse-like shutout draw on the road. Pretty good stuff, even if 3 points should have been on the table. Come inside and vote on the player that muscled this team to a nice result.

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First, we are still voting on last week's Workhorse of the Week. Head over there and vote, comment, or whatever.

We turn our attention to the Vancouver game, which saw two tired teams meet up in the beautiful Canadian southwest, itching for points to keep themselves in content for good playoff spots and potentially more.

FC Dallas needed points. We've talked about this team's road woes before, so there was no greater time than this for FC Dallas to put some of those demons behind them and turn to the playoffs. Three points would have been huge, but even one point is a statement and a step in the right direction. When the playoffs start, getting a crucial draw away from home can be the difference between win/loss, as we saw in FCD's series with Seattle.

There was a lot to watch for in this game. A short turnaround from the Sunday evening game with Houston was key. How would Pareja manage his team's minutes? Was he going to come out with a defense heavy lineup? Would he go for it?

Yes, to all of those answers. Pareja came out with a best possible lineup, hoping to push for points but also with a team that seemed prepared to defend with discipline. Maybe it's a shock but if you put your best players on the field, good things happen. Start experimenting too much, and who knows? The defense played pretty well, even with Hollingshead putting the team under some pressure with a few poor giveaways. I noticed good effort from our midfield and offense, being willing to get back and help their team defend. Tesho had probably the worst game for FCD, and he still had a couple of decent moments.

Could this team have gotten the full three points? Absolutely, but 1 point is still great.

Will Hollingshead win that left back spot? I still don't know. He didn't have a great game, but he wasn't awful either.

Is Texeira this team's no. 1 striker? Probably, for the time being.

Anyway, vote for this week's Workhorse of the Week below.

This Week's Strong Recommendations

Victor Ulloa

Full 90. Solid. Dependable. Good stuff from Victor in this game. Vote for him.

Kellyn Acosta

Can some scientist figure out a way to magically repair hamstring injuries? Kellyn hurt his hammy again, which means we may miss him for 2-3 more weeks. He has become the heart and soul of this team and was all over the place, nearly getting into position to score again. We need this guy.

David Texeira

He was a nuisance all night long. He worked hard to get the ball and distribute the ball. He didn't have the great opportunities that he did against Houston. Maybe Vancouver watched game tape and decided that you should close this guy down when he gets the ball. Regardless, solid effort all around.

Je-Vaugh Watson/Matt Hedges/Zach Loyd

Defense is beautiful.

Jesse Gonzales

The future and present of FCD between the posts. Vote for him.