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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, October 8, 2015

FCD gets a good result in Vancouver.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Last night went about as well as one might have hoped it would as FC Dallas picked up a big road draw in Vancouver.

// FC Dallas //

Dallas pleased with defensive effort |

A shutout on the road against a playoff team this time of year is never an easy thing to achieve, especially when the last two road games saw FCD give up a combined six goals.

// MLS //

A silver lining in the draw | Eighty Six Forever

On the other side of things, the SBN Vancouver blog looks at some positives from the Caps on Wednesday night as they booked their playoff ticket.

Red Bulls avoid dropping points against Montreal | Once a Metro

Tough break for FCD last night on this side of things as NY picked up another win.

MLS has made a mistake with Draft Kings | Burgundy Wave

A lot of scandal surrounding Draft Kings and Fan Duel these days. This piece looks at how MLS may have gotten in the wrong bed with a daily fantasy league provider. While I do enjoy me some Fan Duel on the weekends with the NFL, I just was never able to get into the MLS side of things on Draft Kings this summer. (Might have something to do with Draft Kings terrible looking interface)

The rise of Melia and the fall of Kennedy | The Goat Parade

Here is a very interesting look at two former Chivas keepers in Dan Kennedy and Tim Melia and how their seasons have been widely different following their exit of the former MLS side. Most of the post is about Melia but the bits on Kennedy do make you think a bit. Good stuff though coming from a person that covered these two guys closely for years.

United bringing in USL top scorer for trial | Black and Red United

While DCU can't sign this guy right away and have him for the playoffs, they could be getting a jump on their roster for 2016 with a move.

State of MLS with three weeks to go | Sounder at Heart

This was up before last night's game but it is worth the look. FCD is in the playoffs, that much we know. Now the Shield race is really down to us and New York with the Red Bulls picking up three more points last night. It will be difficult to stay on pace with them given our two schedules.

The march towards Decision Day in MLS |

MLS was wise to do a Decision Day on the final weekend of the month. Right now it looks like we'll know who will be in the playoffs in both conferences by then but this could be when top seeds are finalized and maybe if FCD has their say, the Supporters' Shield.