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MLS Fantasy Manager: Round 32

How's the international break treating your junk?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, it's a weird week. Only 5 teams playing, and yet one of them (Montreal Impact) is playing 2 this round. So time to bank on Montreal, right? It's an international window, and once again, there are MLS games during said window. This basically makes MLS the equivalent of league 1 in England (which is more like league 3, and that's perfect!) On with the show.

FC Dallas:

Hey! We beat Houston. Again. Like a drum. Again. Which means we have their number. This is all while Houston, to a degree, has Sporting Kansas City's number, and I shant revisit how our games with Spork have gone. Gah!

Well, it's down to this. FC Dallas clinched a playoff spot, and they were the 3rd team to do so. More importantly, they were the 1st team in the West to do it despite having games in hand and being in the tougher conference. Your team has been consistently good, and they have their best player back (Mauro Diaz). Bet the farm on the market inefficiency that doubts our club's talent.

Adds: Take your pick- We're beating Vancouver tonight. Anyone who wants to king of the mountain me on this is free to ask for directions in the commments. I'll throw you off the mountain like you're a hummingbird fart.

Drops:- Fabian Castillo- Off to fight the good fight for Colombia again. Papi has to be proud.


Montreal has 2 games. 3 teams have one. Go bold here, because much like this round, there's free transfers galore next round.

Picks to Click:

Throw darts: Montreal is your best bet. If I'm channeling Biello, Drogba starts and subs, and Piatti subs then starts. Don't be intimidated by RBNY- a bouquet of fruit and Butterfingers are headed his way for gifting Bulls the winner. Bet big on FCD and Impact, and caperoo your long shot from Redbullshit or Crapids. Montreal clinches post season this weekend and FCD are in the pole position for the supporters' shield going into round 33.

Full Disclosure:

I'll get around to it. Bank on 4 of l'Impact and 4 of FCD. If you bet big on RBNY, you're fools.