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Workhorse of the Week vs. Houston Dynamo

4-1. I'm happy. How are you? Come inside and join the party as we celebrate domination over Houston and vote for the Workhorse of the Week.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to last week's Workhorse of the Week, Michael Barrios. He edged it out by one stinking vote over Matt Hedges in a pretty dismal voting tally. People stay away from the polls when the team doesn't play well.

But here's even better news - FC Dallas crushed Houston!


In their third and final meeting of the year, FC Dallas was too much for poor Houston. David Texeira continues to get up for this important rivalry game, and he gave Houston no mercy with two fantastic strikes to seal the deal. A PK from Mauro Diaz and beautiful goal from Kellyn Acosta rounded up one of the better performances FCD has had in a few games.

And just at the right time too with post season play looming.

With the win, FC Dallas has secured its playoff ticket and is still potentially in the hunt for the Supporter's Shield.

This team played pretty darn well all around. Jesse Gonzales looked comfortable in goal, even with the veteran Dan Kennedy as an option on the bench. Our back line was more than adequate to get the job done, limiting Will Bruin and Houston's decent offense. (Atiba Harris was the low point of that back line, and even Pareja sensed that he was a liability with a late game substitution.) Our midfield bossed the game. Having Victor Ulloa and Kellyn Acosta back together makes it unlikely we will see any more Cirigliano experiments. Fabian and Michel and David each had their moments, creating space and being a nuisance against Houston. Just a great team effort!

Which turns to the purpose of this darn article, who will you vote for?

I've got some suggestions below, but keep in mind that, while you can vote for whoever you want, I encourage us to point out the unsung hero who did the dirty work in the trenches to get a result. Who is that for you?

By the way, we'll be back later this week for another round of voting after Wednesday's game.

This Week's Strong Recommendations

David Texeira

Listen, I don't think you should vote for Tex. He deserved Man of the Match honors in all likelihood with two sublime goals. But he did do a lot of dirty work and makes us all wonder why he hasn't been able to do this on a regular basis. If he could, Blas becomes a wonderful bench option the rest of the way.

Kellyn Acosta

Kellyn got a great goal and shows why he is a potential lock for the Workhorse of the Season. He was all over the place, diverting attacks, covering lots of ground, setting up teammates, and getting far enough forward to contribute to the attack. Without him, this team is not the same. Vote for Kellyn.

Matt Hedges

The defense was solid on Sunday. The one goal was a Ricardo Clark wonder strike that was near impossible to stop, so I almost consider this a clean sheet for this makeshift defense. Matt is the heart of that D.