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FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Squad Selection

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Give us the Shield!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Well obviously a win here doesn't guarantee Dallas the Supporter's Shield, but it certainly keeps the heat on the Red Bulls of New York. But this is a very tricky road game for Dallas and Oscar Pareja to manage. You're coming off an emotional high and huge win against rivals Houston Dynamo, sending them back down I-45 with no points in their pockets and now faced with a road match on a quick turnover against a team that's been pestering you, annoyingly like your little brother for the past few years.

As our site's founder, Daniel Robertson stated, Dallas needs to get four points between this mini series between Vancouver and three points out of the last two matches to secure the #1 spot in the West. Realistically, Dallas could go for the draw on this one, then retreat back to the comforts of home before delivering the knock out punch to the Whitecaps. Vancouver is also coming in having barely survived a slug fest with San Jose where they traded 17 fouls apiece, so they could be coming in a bit worn and battered into this match.

So what do you do? Your boys will have had 72 hours to recover. Do you do some squad rotation and try to steal a point by parking the bus? Do you keep the lineup mostly same and go for it despite the quick turn around? Have your say.

Oh and because the MLS schedule is stupid, you'll be without the services of Fabian Castillo who will be participating in World Cup qualifiers with Colombia. The official league injury report hasn't been updated (as of 10/5) so I'm going to go off what we know and just say Bakary Soumare won't be available.

What say you?

You can see the results here.