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View from the East: Big Tex in town!

Houston fans were not acting very nice as their teams was whooped before their eyes.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Dynamo were in town for the final time this season for an afternoon game against FC Dallas. With The Hoops dominating this rivalry recently, it seemed like the Houston traveling support had dwindled in numbers for this game. Although the security was a little beefed up this time around with the Houston Dynamo having their section walled off completely even to the concession stands just to prevent any tussles with the home fans. The home team seemed to have up'd their game for this rivalry, and went all out trying to be the first team in the Western Conference to clinch a playoff spot.

Big Tex in Town!

Big Tex is technically in town over in Fair Park in downtown Dallas. There's also a player we all like to rag on playing in not-downtown Dallas, and he showed up in a big way. David Texeira, what a big performance by the number 9 on the day. His usual work rate was actually rewarded this time around. His goal has to be one of the goals of the year from FC Dallas, if Michel's olympico doesn't take the trophy. Absolute beaut that I admittedly went ballistic over. What a goal.

Houston Fans

Normally their fans are pretty respectful, and I'm sure most are. But the ones that showed up today in Frisco weren't the creme de la creme by a long shot. Just read that one Houston fan, after a goal, reportedly said to a young kid: "F*ck you kid, F*ck Dallas!". Absolutely appalling thing to do, and there's no excuse for it even if he did ingest a fair amount of alcohol. I read elsewhere that Dynamo fans also got tossed from the game for throwing beer cans.

I ended up staying in my seat a little after the game enjoying the music from El Matador, when I looked over and saw Houston fans raising the middle finger at the supporters section. Super classy way to take a loss definitely. Not saying FC Dallas fans are perfect at all times, but the reaction to our fans misbehaving is a fair amount louder than when other fan bases misbehave. That's a sad truth.

My most exciting player to watch this game has to be David Texeira. Never though I'd type those words to be honest. His goal has to be one of the best I've ever seen in person. Just an absolute cracker. Matt Hedges came up as a close second though with his amazing defensive effort during the course of the afternoon.

Finally, your fan quote of the night: "Houston sucks." - Heard multiple times throughout the afternoon. And is the best quote by far.

Anyone else see any Dynamo fans acting a fool during, before, or after the game? Anyone encounter nicer Dynamo fans during the afternoon? Who thinks Big Tex might've finally found his groove with the team? Let me know in the comments below!