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MLS Playoffs: FC Dallas to face Seattle Sounders in semifinal round

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We meet again.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas has waited all week to learn who they would be playing in this year's conference semifinal. After last night's wild ride in Portland between the Timbers and Sporting KC, we now know that FCD will battle the Seattle Sounders once again in the post season.

The first leg is scheduled for a 8:30 p.m. kickoff on Sunday. The match will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1.

The two sides met only twice this past year with Seattle getting the advantage by winning one and tying the other game. Each time the two sides met, neither were at full strength due to injuries or the international windows that were going on at the time.

Both teams appear to be more at full strength, which should make this a matchup worth watching.

In last year's playoffs, the two sides met in the conference semifinals as the four and one seed, with Seattle advancing through on the lovely away goals rule.