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FC Dallas may have come up short on the Supporters' Shield, but 60 points is still amazing

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A new club record for points.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

There it is. The regular season finally over and amazingly FC Dallas is your top dog in the Western Conference.

I think it is going to be real easy to complain today when you look at the tiebreakers and schedules with the New York Red Bulls. Sure, the Red Bulls played a much easier schedule over the course of the regular season by having two expansion clubs and two of the league's worst in Philadelphia and Chicago in their conference. You have to give them credit though for picking up the points in those matches (24 points in the 11 matches against those four clubs).

I said it a few times last night following the 2-1 win over San Jose that at the start of the season no one saw this coming. No one saw 60 points earned by FCD in the toughest conference. No one expected a couple months of unbeaten play to happen. No one thought this team could end up in contention for a Supporters' Shield trophy.

I look back at this season and see 60 points earned and I am still amazed. The lowest payroll in this league shouldn't be earning 60 points in a season. A team full of Homegrown talent shouldn't be able to win 18 games in a season. A team that used three different goalkeepers during the season shouldn't have had as many shutouts as they did.

This team proved us wrong time and time again this season. Just when you think they're not going to do something, guys like Mauro Diaz or Fabian Castillo create something amazing out of absolutely nothing. Just when you think the midfield is going to be totally overmatched, Victor Ulloa, Kellyn Acosta or Ezequiel Cirigliano clog up some passing lanes and make it easy for Diaz to be his special self. Just when you think the attack isn't going to get anything going, David Texeria scores a ridiculous goal that makes you wonder who the hell he is.

At the end of the day there is still a lot to be played for here. The playoffs are going to be just as big of a gauntlet as the regular season was for this club. FC Dallas has an opportunity in front of them to make some serious history. So while the disappointment of not earning a bit of hardware last night stings, there is still plenty to celebrate here this season.