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MLS Fantasy Manager: Round 34

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Decision day for MLS and MLS Fantasy

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Well, it has been a fun run for FC Dallas this season, and we are playing for it all this weekend. In the BigDSoccer league, business is also far from settled as Damaged Goods, Mrodz+uniteD, Quien es tu Papi, and Red Turkeys are all within 29 of group leader, Las Iguanas. 3 of those teams are within 11, so the finish in fantasy should mirror the finish in MLS.

As for me, I finally cracked the Top 500 after last week, and a strong week this week should cement that spot for me as well as another strong month in the league standings. The lesson learned here for me is that, if you want to get better at this game, write it up every week.

FC Dallas:

It's common knowledge that FC Dallas is playing for the shield today. I wouldn't bet on my spoof prediction of an 11-4 FC Dallas win today, but I do think they'll win. Field conditions should be fine, and I expect Dallas to put San Jose to the sword early in this one. They'll be missing Anibal Godoy today through Yellow Card Suspension and that should help open up the field for Mauro Diaz.

Adds: David Texeira F ($7.4)- I'm doubling down on Tex. He's still reasonable, and he's still scoring. It's a home game with everything on the line, so I'm expecting the high effort Tex who has been a grossly underrated contributor to FC Dallas's late season success. When that Tex shows up, he usually scores.

Adds: Michael Barrios M ($8.4)- Barrios and Tex play well together. That's the other take away from the last couple of months. He's a tad more expensive, but I think FC Dallas will try and pick on the left side of San Jose's defense and that should be good for Barrios's line today.

Drops:- Walker Zimmerman  D ($5.3)- Zim was solid in Salt Lake last week, but Zach Loyd is almost assuredly in the XI today. Although, with San Jose's aerial game, I could be wrong. You should probably keep your FCD players and add as many as you can. It's a hungry team, and they're playing the biggest regular season game in the club's history.


All of the games have at least something riding on them, although it's going to take a crazy combination of New England blowout loss and Orlando blowout win. It's too bad they're all not going off at the same time, but from the TV stand point, I get it.

Picks to Click:

David Villa F (11.5)- Villa still has remarkably high ownership (15.7%), but I have a hunch these are mostly ghost teams at this point. It's the home finale for NYCFC, and although they've had their ups and downs, they've scored a bunch at home. Yankee Stadium has been a real pinball machine this year, and even with nothing to play for besides the salute of the home fans, I think Villa goes off in this one.

Lee Nguyen M ($11.7) - Another high ownership guy, and I'm using the same rationale as I used with David Villa. If you're not loading up on FCD mids, roll with Lee in the pinball machine. If you need to go cheaper, Diego Fagundez is available for $7.5.

Luke Boden D ($5.2) - So I have to add a cheapy, and this is what I've got. Expansion team on the road, you ask? Yeah, they're playing for something, and Philly is toast. After last week's mail it in effort against New York, they look prime to leak a few more goals and finally get Jim Curtin fired. Boden occasionally takes set pieces, and with the onus on Orlando to win big today, I think you'll see something from Boden today.

Full Disclosure:

I'll post my decision day lineup at  3:30 pm CDT, mainly because my David Villa pick is off the wall. I honestly think he's gold today if he plays.