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Big D Daily: News for Friday, October 23, 2015

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Decision Day is upon us.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, the final weekend of the regular season has finally arrived.

// FC Dallas //

Keys to the match vs SJ |

The FCD digital crew gives us the three big topics to look out for on Sunday against San Jose.

// MLS //

Supporters' Shield - from message board idea to real price |

For those curious about what the Shield is and where it came from, this is an excellent piece to get you all caught up on it. Seeing some of the talk about message boards really takes me back.

SKC announces USL team - Swope Park Rangers | The Blue Testament

Hands down, the best team name in the USL in my opinion. I know some folks may not like the name but SKC knows how to knock it out of the park with things like this. Also, their former affiliate OKC is now available. My gut tells me if FCD stays in the affiliate route (which they likely will), we see a switch to them.

Is Benny Ball coming in good for the playoffs? |

DCU was struggling for the longest time from the summer into the fall but the last couple weeks have brought new life to this club.

Dempsey has top selling jersey in MLS |

Seeing the names on this list and the teams associated makes me wonder if it isn't totally about the player as much as it is about the style of the jersey. You can't really tell me Lee Nyguen or Wil Trapp are more popular players right now than someone like a Fabian Castillo or Mauro Diaz. Those speak to me that the jersey is just as important as the player on the back of it.

Arena proposes scheduling conflict solution |

After you get through all the whiny comments from Bruce Arena, you get his solution or at least a solution to part of the problem. Honestly, I like his suggestion here. Sure it is a quick back-to-back game in the middle of the summer but if that means less games towards the end of the season when several teams are dealing with international games, I say do it.

Sounders parting ways with play-by-play man | Sounder at Heart

Some are calling it a cost-cutting measure, other see it differently. Either way, I wonder who comes in and snags Ross Fletcher.

Nearly official, Minnesota team announces stadium today | Star Tribune

The team will end up in St. Paul, which isn't a bad thing. Now I wonder the bigger question, when will they join MLS.