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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Match Predictions

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It all comes down to this....

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
Name Result FCD SJ Comments
Becky Chabot Draw 1 1 Good soccer devolves into chippy play as San Jose tries to scrape it's way into the post season. Lots of missed chances on both sides.
Ben Lyon Win 11 4 NY beats Chicago 1-0 thanks to a bogus penalty call in the 93rd minute. Just moments later, Fabian Castillo completes his 2nd hat trick in the game to finish the scoring in an 11-4 romp which will go down in the annals as the wildest game in MLS history (which includes 5 red cards to San Jose- 1 to Dom Kinnear in the 8th minute!). With the results, a nameless, faceless bureaucrat from MLS HQ informs a jubilant Jesse Marsch that no, in fact, the Supporters' Shield goes to Dallas because they're tied in Wins, Goal Differential, and Goals for, but because your team fouls too much, you lose the 4th tiebreaker, which is 'Disciplinary Points'. Said bureaucrat vanishes from the face of the earth like Keyser Söze.
Brian Wachholz Loss 0 2 One of these clubs will slip into MLS 1.0 mode; "That's so Metro" keeps invading my mind this week. But will it be NYRB or FCD who flops? Maybe it's the weather, but I'm feeling pessimistic. I think NYRB manages a draw in Chicago but Dallas collapses under the Quakes fighting for the post season, leaving the FCD faithful with déjà vu of Colorado's first 2015 visit... a blowout loss to a team we should have neatly dispatched. FCD loses 0-2. (Prove me wrong boys!)
Drew Epperley Win 2 1 A couple of early goals by Diaz and Castillo helps lift FCD to three points and some good momentum into the playoffs.
Jason Poon Win 3 0 Dallas wins the Shield.
Jeremy Villanueva

Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 2 2 FCD and San Jose fight like both teams who need the three points and are both unable to deliver the blow that sends the other reeling. Entertainment at its finest at Toyota Stadium.
Nathan Hill Win 2 1 A tuneup for the playoffs, FC Dallas mixes in a few players to give them minutes and keep everyone fresh. Jesse comes up with a couple of huge saves to preserve a massive 3 points.
Ryan Scalon Win 2 0 FCD goes all in to try to win the Supporter's Shield, giving the crowd an awesome spectacle.
Scott Hiney Win 3 1 San Jose shows some fight early on because KC losing gives them hope, but Papi goes for the Shield and ensures his attack produces goals.
Taylor Hester Win 2 0 Nuff said.