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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Squad Selection

For the Shield!

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

With MLS moving the RBNY match to the same kick off time as FC Dallas, the Hoops no longer have the advantage going into their final game of the season of knowing what they need to do get the Supporter's Shield. While losing the advantage isn't ideal, for the purity of the sport and for the added drama, this makes the #DecisionDay one of the best in league history.

As of 10/20's official league injury report, Dallas only has two players listed with Bakary Soumare and Kellyn Acosta as both unavailable. But given how this club handles injury reports, I wouldn't be surprised if Acosta made the 18.

So knowing that a win might bring home the team's first major trophy since 1997, what kind of lineup will you be rolling out there? And let's not forget that while San Jose is sitting outside of the playoffs currently in seventh place, a win could see them through into the post season too, so we know they'll be going for it.

So if you're Oscar Pareja, who will you march out there in front of the home crowd on Sunday night?

You can see the results here.