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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Decision Day got a whole lot more interesting yesterday.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

It looks as though MLS is taking Decision Day very seriously by moving the start time of the NY game back to match FCD's game.

// FC Dallas //

FCD achieving its goals heading into the playoffs | Dallas Morning News

Goals are being met left and right by this club and in the process some records are falling as well. But the lines at the bottom of this one are a bit concerning with regards to the season finale record of this club. Almost 12 years since the club last won a season finale. Yikes.

// MLS //

Everything you need to know for Decision Day |

From the Golden Boot, to the Supporters's Shield, there is a ton on the line this weekend. Funny that the slide at the end of the video on this page is already out of date with the start time changed for NY's game.

Red Bull game time change causing issues for some | Once a Metro

Naturally not everyone was happy with the change to the start time of the NY-Chicago game this weekend. Some New York fans are traveling and a two hour difference in the start time does make a difference for those folks. At least there are talks that NY's front office is going to help out.

Beckham set to add Leiweke to his group | Miami Herald

The man that helped bring David Beckham to MLS is possible now going to be someone that Beckham uses to help run his club in Miami. Smart move there folks. Smart move.

Miami stadium vote reportedly scheduled for December |

The big deal for Miami still is the stadium situation. They need a good one in a bad way to get this thing off the ground.

Eight people that should be the coach in Atlanta but won't be | Dirty South Soccer

Folks in Atlanta still have a long way to go before they see a club on the field but they are already speculating who should the manager be in year one. Well, I would imagine with the way that group is going, they'll have a coach in place by MLS Cup this year. After all, they do only have one more year left to build out things.

The Arbitrariness of Success | Stumptown Footy

Folks in Portland dive deep into how good and bad Caleb Porter has been for their club.

Who has the most pressure heading into the post season? |

All three listed are Western conference sides. Two of them I bet you could name without batting an eye at this link.