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View from the East: Top of the West!

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This was not an easy game to watch in any sense of the word.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It was a quick turnaround not only for the team, but for the fans as well. Had to get geared up with the usual goodies (alcohol) and snacks after being at the stadium only a couple days earlier. Thanks to this game though, we'll be expecting quick turn around more frequently next season with the clinching of the CONCACAF Champions League place! Although we got the win, our play wasn't always the most exciting to watch this game...

Radio Stars

The game was broadcasted on 100.7 which I had to listen to for the first half unfortunately. First off, it's awesome that we have the game on the radio in the first place. Fully on board with it, and I think there should be more awareness among the fan base that the games are radio broadcast-ed on The Word. My complaint is only that the broadcast sounded like an FDR fire-side chat from the 1940s. The crowd was hardly audible, and there was one announcer there trying his hardest to keep up with everything. Sound quality aside, fantastic that we have this option.

Defensively Solid

The game on Wednesday was beautiful, just awesome play coming from FC Dallas. Saturday night though, not so much. There were some flashes of left over beauty from Wednesday, but there was much more aimlessly booting the ball up field to David Texeira than I cared for personally.

Matt Hedges needs to be starting for the USMNT. Ok, maybe not a shoe-in starter, but this dude should at least be getting much more looks than what he's been given. That's FCD's 3rd shutout in a row, 2 on the road, and has commanded his back line leading by example. Absolutely stellar performance by the whole defense on this one, Zach Loyd, and Jesse also coming up big for the Hoops on the road.

My most exciting player to watch this match has to go to Jesse Gonzalez. I did just praise Matt Hedges in the paragraph before, but seeing this kid shutout RSL in a duel against Nick Rimando is one we should put in our memory banks as our kid GK grows.

Has anyone else tuned in to the radio broadcasts on 100.7 to hear the games while on the road? Who else thinks the game on Saturday was a little more lackluster than our stellar outing on Wednesday? Matt Hedges for USMNT? Let me know in the comments below!