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Big D Daily: News for Friday, October 2, 2015

FCD is getting set to host Houston this weekend.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Time to really ramp up the Houston hate here as FC Dallas has a couple more training sessions before hosting the Dynamo on Sunday.

// FC Dallas //

FCD looks to build off 2014 playoff experience this year |

The core group of this team that went to the playoffs (and didn't lose by the way) is still intact. That group will be a big part in the success of how far this team can go in the playoffs this year.

October scarf of the month is revealed |

I sort of forgot that the club was still doing these each month. I'm kind of bummed that I haven't taken the time to buy any of them this year (though not being able to do so online was a big reason).

Dynamo will be a test for FCD |

Houston's manager is calling this the biggest game of the season for the Orange.

// MLS //

US power through on Morris' brace over Canada |

One game down in Olympic qualifying for the US and it was a good one too.

Chicago Fire fans in the mud pit of hell | Chicago Tribune

Geez, once again, as much as fans here have hated how things have gone with the ticketing mess for next year from this front office, at least you aren't in Chicago. Man, they have it rough up there at the moment.

What is wrong with DC United? | Washington Post

Good question that kind of goes unanswered in this piece. DCU have been struggling as of late and appear to be a team more on the decline going into the post season than anyone else in the East.

DCU stadium has new renderings to show off | Black and Red United

I hate saying it, but I think we're starting to get to the cookie-cutter status with MLS stadiums these days. This one looks cool and I am excited to see it come true but nothing about it jumps off the page.

Chad Marshall suffers neck sprain | Sounder at Heart

Ouch. Still, that doesn't sound nearly as bad as it could have been with the way things were being reported at first.

A historical look at MLS salary numbers |

All you stat nerds (like myself) will enjoy reading through some of this. I don't think it paints the best picture about how the league has grown but it does show off some fancy graphs.

Union CEO departs club |

Woah, this is some pretty big news for Union fans. Most of the fan base really loathed Nick Sakiewicz and now they finally get their wish as he is leaving the team.