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Big D Daily: News for Monday, October 19, 2015

One more game left on this regular season.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It seems hard to believe that we're nearly done with the regular season here. Just one more FC Dallas game on the schedule before the playoffs begin.

// FC Dallas //

With the West in the bag, FCD look towards the Shield |

The big road win on Saturday has opened a few doors for FC Dallas.

// MLS //

Marsch: We're going after the Shield |

After a rather large win on Sunday, FCD's only competition in the Supporters' Shield race is New York. By the time we kick off on Sunday, we'll know one way or the other as to what we need to do to win it.

Grella scores fastest goal in league history | Once a Metro

Seriously, did Philly even show up for this one?

Not every MLS Cup winner was hot in October |

Matt Doyle breaks down the penultimate week in MLS by giving us a quick look at some recent trends in October around the league. Before we proclaim that going either 3-0-2, or 4-0-1, or 3-1-1 in October will lend to success, there are some precautionary tails to look at first.

LA gets hammered at home, Seattle fails to clinch |

Who saw a 5-2 beating by Portland coming for the Galaxy yesterday? I certainly did not.

Giovinco set to win league's Golden Boot | Waking the Red

Just an unbelievable season out of Sebastian Giovinco.

Beckerman clinches league record during Saturday's loss | RSL Soapbox

Lost in the middle of FCD's win on Saturday was the news that Kyle Beckerman now has the league's all-time mark in appearances. Congrats.

MLS's sponsor problem | Black and Red United

This one came out last week but it worth the share again. There are those who believe MLS is not setting themselves up well with sponsors like DraftKings, Advocare, Herbalife, etc. But when you look around the world at other leagues, you see a ton of gambling sites and other not-so-good companies sponsoring teams. You can't blame teams sometimes for taking the easy money.

San Antonio player gets suspended for leaking strategy |

Last but not least, we have this out of the NASL. Not the best of weeks in that league, let me tell ya.