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View from the East Stand: Oddly At Peace

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Game on a Wednesday night after work, as the Vancouver Whitecaps pay a visit to Frisco.

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It was the 2nd showdown between a Texas team and a team from Canada of the day. There was no way this one could also be heartbreaking though, I'm not sure I would've been able to take it. The Vancouver Whitecaps were top of the Western Conference and eager to solidify their position. While FC Dallas still has aspirations of winning the Shield, which would be amazing. I mean, only the best teams win the Shield, right Seattle and New York?

Oddly At Peace

Other than our games against Chivas USA, I haven't seen us be so in control of a match in a long time. Our passing was absolutely wowing the fans in attendance. It was much less 'Route 1' soccer (boot it and pray) than usual, and a lot more team work going forward. Everyone seemed in sync, they all know where the other was running and seemed all on the same page almost perfectly.

Our defense also was holding up their end of the bargain to say the least. There was almost no threat going forward from Vancouver, and other than the post-hit I can't remember any real chances they had. Our heads were rarely turned towards Vancouvers' attacking third, as the game was mostly kept in the middle or near their goal.


Man, they were definitely pitching Lamar's Vision this night. Understandable as the unveiling was earlier that day and we're in a massive playoff push. All the renderings and new stadium improvements look pretty, and when it's all done the seating will be expanded supposedly and more premium seats for the ones that can afford it. The National Hall of Fame will be fun to have at the stadium, it's just kind of weird that the National Hall of Fame is an extension of FC Dallas stadium instead of its' own building. If the Hunts' are footing the bill I guess they can do what they want right? No need for the USSF to spend any money at all right? That'd be absurd.

My most exciting player to watch this game was Ezequiel Cirigliano. This guy made the most of his first home start, and provided much more fluidity to the passing game than Acosta has recently. He also defended very well, taking the ball from Vancouver players on several occasions. He didn't score a goal, he didn't assist, but he did the work in the middle of the field he was supposed to do.

And finally, my fan quote of the night:

"Now that's football right there, that's good soccer." -Guy behind me after a beautiful passing sequence by FC Dallas.

Was anyone else oddly at peace with how this game played out from start to finish? Anyone really digging the Lamar's Vision they're rolling out? Did you have another player on the pitch that was more exciting than Ezequiel in his first start? Let me know in the comments below!