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Big D Daily: News for Friday, October 16, 2015

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Oh hey, the week is almost over folks!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is here again as FC Dallas is back in action tomorrow night in Salt Lake.

// FC Dallas //

Analyzing Giovinco's goal for TFC and Diaz's magic for FCD |

Both were pretty impressive goals scored on the same night. I still lean towards Sebastian Giovinco's being better than Mauro Diaz's here. I mean, the Vancouver keeper did get a glove on it. But thankfully this piece looks more at how magical Diaz is for the club and how well he has been playing as of late.

// MLS //

USL bullish on league's future on the eve of title game |

Nope, no mention of a FCD2/B side in this article. Just continue to ask Santa for it kids.

Borchers trade undid relationships in the RSL front office | RSL Soapbox

After yesterday's post about the Nat Borchers' trade being the thing that pretty much ruined the 2015 season for those in Utah. Their owner got on Facebook and agreed with the article.

What does your team need to make the playoffs? |

Call it a cheat sheet if you will but here are how the other races are going around the league. We already know what FCD needs to do here.

Why Ronaldinho isn't a bad idea for MLS | Once a Metro

I've been saying for two years that the league needed to go after him. Kaka has been a success and I truly think he would work out well for a club in this league if he came here.

Lampard vows to end season on a high |

Well, at least someone on that roster is looking to go out with a bang this year.

Toronto pushing for top seed now |

Don't look now but TFC are closing in on one of the top two seeds in the East. I'm starting to think that the league would absolutely love to have them in a MLS Cup.

MLS Players Union sees key people exit |

This is small news to some but could be bigger news down the road. Eddie Pope and one other front office guy are leaving to a sports agency that will likely change some things when you consider MLS players are mostly handled by two agency groups.