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FC Dallas' road to silverware with two games remaining

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Six points remain. Lots to still play for.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Two good things happened Wednesday night. Maybe more than two but the quick and dirty of it was that New York lost to Toronto and FC Dallas beat Vancouver.

I wanted to spend time breaking down last night's win but felt it was more important to look at the Shield race and other playoff scenarios.

Now we're both left with two games remaining and while the LA Galaxy and Sporting Kansas City have an outside chance to catch us and the New York Red Bulls atop the table, this is truly a two horse race down the stretch. But lets break it all down just to be safe.

New York Red Bulls: 54 points, +15 GD, two games remaining, 60 points max

FC Dallas: 54 points, +11 GD, two games remaining, 60 points max

LA Galaxy: 51 points, +14 GD, two games remaining, 57 points max

Sporting KC: 48 points, +5 GD, three games remaining, 57 points max

Vancouver and Toronto are both nearly eliminated here as they can only get 53 and 55 points respectively left with their remaining schedules.

At the moment, the FCD and NY are tied with 54 points. Based on the tiebreakers involved, the Red Bulls have the early advantage going into the weekend based on a better goal differential at +15 to FCD's +11. That is a key number to keep in mind should the two sides finish with the same record and number of points.

Being a top seed

For FCD to get the top seed in the West, they need a Sporting KC loss on Friday to San Jose and a LA draw or loss on Saturday to Portland. A SKC loss on Friday and a draw against RSL by FCD on Saturday will give FCD an automatic bye in the first round of the playoffs, meaning they'll be one of the top two seeds.

Winning the Shield

Right now it is a two horse race. New York and FCD have the best chance of winning it and both sides have a chance to secure a spot in next year's CONCACAF Champions League.

Here are the options of how FCD can win it:

1. Win two game; NY loses one game - Best chance here is to see NY drop a game either to Philadelphia this weekend or on Decision Day to Chicago. Basically we just need them to stumble once more to feel good. But that also means FCD needs to take care business against a banged up RSL squad and a San Jose team that may be eliminated from playoff contention by the time Decision Day roles around.

FCD points: 60; NY points: 57

2. Win one, draw one; NY loses one game - Same as above, FCD just need some help from Chicago or Philly to make NY stumble once.

FCD points: 58; NY points: 57

3. Win one, lose one; NY draws two - Once more, NY stumbles and drops points in both games. A perfect scenario for everyone in North Texas.

FCD points: 57; NY points: 56

*This scenario also means that LA and SKC are out of contention somehow as well.

4. Draw two; NY loses two games - A three game losing streak for NY seems very unlikely with the likes of Philly and Chicago on the schedule but crazier things have happened in this league.

FCD points: 56; NY points: 54

*This scenario also means that LA and SKC are out of contention somehow as well.

Which scenario do you think happens here? Or will someone like SKC or LA sneak in on the final hour of the season and spoil both FCD and NY's fun?