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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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It is almost game day again!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas is back in action tomorrow night but first we get one more national team night out of the US.

// FC Dallas //

Playoff implications for tomorrow's game |

While we know FCD is in the playoffs at the moment, they have a whole lot more to play for with the two weeks left on the schedule.

// MLS //

Atlanta will begin academy play in 2016 | SBISoccer

I keep saying it but Atlanta keeps hitting it out of the park with their MLS team (minus the naming of the club). Good to see them invest early in an academy set up to help them out on day one when they join in 2017.

Season ticket deposits rise over 26k | Dirty South Soccer

Staying with Atlanta for another minute, they're not going to have too many issues with putting butts-in-seats at the new Atlanta stadium in two years.

Bill Manning named TFC president | Waking the Red

Some may remember Manning from his time in Salt Lake. Toronto keeps getting big executive names from around MLS to come there, at some point one of them is going to turn them into a consistent winner in this league.

When the tough gets going, how MLS playoff teams do against one another | Vocal Minority

So FCD is good but not great against playoff teams. Yep, we knew that already.

MLS stadium would bring lots of jobs to Sacramento | KCRA

Yep. As much as some hate stadiums near them in their cities, you can't deny what kind of economic impact they bring to the area. My gut still tells me that Sacramento gets named as an expansion team before long.

// USMNT //

Johnson's exile from the USMNT and more |

So Fabian Johnson got sent home the other day from the US camp for attitude reasons. That doesn't make things look any better for Jurgen Klinsmann.

US hopes to pick up the pieces against Costa Rica | Fox Soccer

After spending part of my day off yesterday watching the US-Mexico game, I'm not totally convinced that all the pieces can be picked up in this game.