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Swansea City reportedly interested in Fabian Castillo

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Get ready for more reports like this one.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As one might expect, Fabian Castillo is earning plenty of extra attention overseas these days following his recent international call ups with Colombia. Today, reports out of the UK suggest that EPL side Swansea City is now interested in the speedy winger.

There isn't a ton in the report that can make you think this is going to happen any time soon. Castillo is signed with FC Dallas for five more seasons. If anything this is just the beginning of something we should expect to hear with regards to Castillo. The more he gets called up by Colombia and the better he continues to play in MLS will only increase the amount of rumors.

One thing we can probably rest easy on at the moment is the fact that he might have a tough time getting a work permit at the moment to get with any EPL side. There are mechanisms in place to help him given the low number of senior caps that he has with Colombia but nothing is guaranteed. Some other European countries will be easier to get work permits through but for now, his chances are fairly slim.