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Big D Daily: News for Monday, October 12, 2015

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FCD is back in action this week with another Wednesday night game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is over and now we're back at it for another midweek game.

// FC Dallas //

Hernandez shows well for Guatemala |

Moises Hernandez has had an up and down season with FCD but lately his international run with Guatemala has been pretty solid. Over the weekend he went the full 90 and even showed off a few tricks.

// MLS //

Sounders 2 have attendance troubles | Sounder at Heart

A lot of the MLS 2 sides are struggling in the USL at the gate this year. I see it as a year one issue for a lot of them. It is a big reason why I would love to see any FCD2 squad be somewhere other than Frisco when the time actually comes.

MLS to trial video refs |

One thing you have to give MLS credit for is how they aren't afraid to push some boundaries in the game.

// USMNT //

Klinsmann hopes loss will lead to improvement |

So sometimes the only way you can go up is by learning from past mistakes. Or something like that.

US fans are hating Klinsmann for his lying ways |

I get it that there are some bad comments that Jurgen Klinsmann has thrown out there over the last couple months, but I also get that there are a ton of people that are just anti-Klinsmann at this point.

US vs Mexico, what we learned | Stars and Stripes FC

Just the tiny bit of this game that I've gotten to see, there are a ton of weak spots in this Klinsmann lineup. That and the fitness of this group is really subpar from what it used to be.

US makes changes for Costa Rica game | Stars and Stripes FC

Five new faces come into the fold for the Costa Rica match this week.