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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Squad Selection

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For the playoffs, the Shield and most of all, for state pride.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As with every #TexasDerby match, there's plenty on the line between the two Texas clubs as they square off on national television (Hi, ESPN2!) this Sunday. In the past it was for state pride and for keeping that glorious El Capitan in the safe confines of Frsico and not in the armpit of Texas, but this one has a bit more significance as both clubs make their final push to end the season.

Houston comes in sitting in 8th place but only a win away from tying Portland for the 6th and final playoff spot. Depending on how the game shake out on Saturday, this could just about keep Houston from qualifying for the playoffs should Dallas prevail again. (Portland will need to win against SKC and then Houston will need to win out just to enter into a tiebreaker.)

And of course on Dallas' end, they could secure a playoff spot depending on how that San Jose-Vancouver match up goes. So on the line is guaranteed playoffs, a surge back into the Supporter's Shield talks and a chance to make it near impossible for Houston to qualify. This could be a great weekend for the good folks in Dallas.

So now that we know what's on the line, who do you send out there to humiliate and embarrass Houston? USL season is over so I'm assuming Otis Earle and Danny Garcia are back. (Have not seen anything official from the club, but that's not unusual.)

As of 10/1, the official injury report lists Dan Kennedy and Bakary Soumare as still injured although practice reports have said that Dan Kennedy has returned. (I have no knowledge about Soumare's status but he's probably ready to go too.) So, for the first time since forever, you have your full and best roster available for selection. Who do you go with to bring home all the points?

You can see the results here.