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Fernando Clavijo explains the situation with Boyd Okwuono

Territory rights, not returning to Frisco on the offseason to train were just a few things that kept Boyd Okwuono out of being a HGP with FC Dallas.

UNC Athletics

We've discussed the situation with Boyd Okwuono a lot lately here on this place. Between FC Dallas passing on signing him to a Homegrown deal, to the UNC defender getting a MLS contract before next week's SuperDraft, there has been a lot going on with O.C. here.

By the end of it all we know FCD didn't sign him to a deal and that it was possible that he requested to be taken off FCD's HGP list.

The Dallas Morning News had a talk with Fernando Clavijo on Thursday afternoon and the FCD technical director shed a little more light on the subject to help piece together the story.

"Well, let me put it this way, there was an issue prior even to me arriving here. Number one, it was disputed that he was not our Homegrown Player. He was with Kansas City because his family's in Oklahoma. Oklahoma's geography is closer to Kansas City but the kid didn't even go to one game there. He came here, so it always was a challenge from the league," Clavijo said.

"The requirement that you have on those kids is you will keep the rights to those players depending on how many years in the academy they have been with you and Boyd didn't do it. He didn't come back to train, which is one of the best (things to do), tracking the logs or train with the first team. He never really came back," Clavijo said.

I love the honesty out of Clavijo in situations like this. He's not losing any sleep over not signing Okwuono, and at this point I don't think any FCD fans should either.

But hearing that Sporting KC may have had first dibs on him is certainly something new, though they too aren't able to get him with a HGP claim at this point.

For those curious about the territory rights on MLS Homegrown players, check out this map.