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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 9, 2015

Slow news day in MLS during the month of January? Never.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that MLS is on track to be very, if not extremely busy these next few weeks. Time has flown us to Friday here this week, so lets wrap up the work week with some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Kellyn Acosta ready to lead US U-20s |

Some good comments here from our young star on how he will lead the U-20s this month in the WC qualifiers.

What to expect on a monthly basis from FCD | Big D Soccer

A little ICYMI from yesterday, the club typically performs well in certain months of the year. Hopefully this season will be a tad more balanced in the form of a good playoff run.

// MLS //

Which MLS side has the toughest/weakest schedules in 2015 |

I nearly dove into this article yesterday but opted not to. So much will change over the season with this sort of thing but right now...right now FCD has the weakest schedule of any Western Conference club. Boy, they have to take advantage of that.'s 2015 Mock Draft |

The three writers are on the same page for the first couple of picks but after that it is all over the board like most mock drafts are. Like we pointed out yesterday, they think FCD will take a defender (something I don't disagree with).

Red Bull fans plan to protest Petke firing | Once a Metro

You know, if the Hunts pull this sort of thing on Papi, I'm sure we'd all be doing the same. Thankfully they did not. Personally I do feel like throwing my support to the Red Bull fans for this though.

Red Bulls will launch USL team in 2015 | Big Apple Soccer

Sigh. Another team signs up on this front. At least the FCD-Arizona affiliate thing is sort of coming to being finalized.

Getting to the bottom of the Lampard contract | Hudson River Blue

On the other side of the Big Apple is the mess with Frank Lampard and NYCFC. So much involved here, our new friends at HRB try to at least break it all down as best as they can.

Red Bulls unwilling to meet Jozy's price |

I'm fully expecting Jozy Altidore to end up in Toronto some how this winter. Just a gut feeling.

What the MacMath loan means for Philly | Brotherly Game

We do know that the Union will have a DP in goal but more importantly I think this deal helped bring in some funds or open up some funds to keep Maurice Edu on the books. Which is definitely a good thing.

Retirement league doesn't fit reality for MLS | The Big Lead

Here is a good breakdown of the league's experience with superstars.

That's all I got for now, what say you?